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Culture Education
Culture Education
* ¡iChanghua City Library¡j 4, Kuashan Rd., Changhua City
* ¡iChanghua City Fine Arts Hall¡j 542, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Changhua City
* ¡iGu-Yue Folk Museum¡j No.57, Zhonghua Rd., Changhua City
* ¡iCommunity College¡j 348, Fushan St., Fushan Li, Changhua City
* ¡iEvergreen College¡j 436, Sanmin Rd., Changhua City
* ¡iWomen's College¡j 4, Kuashan Rd., Changhua City
* ¡iLai Ho Memorial Hall¡j 4F, 242, Zhongzheng Rd., Sec.1, Changhua City
* ¡iNational Changhua University... Jin-De Rd., Changhua City 2, Shi-Da Road,
* ¡iChien Kuo University of Tech... 1, Chiehshou N. Rd.,Changhua City
* ¡iChanghua City Nursery Center¡j No.99, Changshun St., Changhua City
* ¡iSpeeches¡j
* ¡iYuan Ching Kaun Tradition Ar... No.126, Chenleng Rd., Changhua City
* ¡iChanghua Nanyao Temple Cultu...
* ¡iChanghua Cultural Affairs¡j 500, Zhongshan Rd., Sec. 2,Changhua City
* ¡iLiterature Walk¡j
* ¡iMuseum of Traditional Nan Be... 66, Pinghe 7th St., Changhua City
* ¡iHsinding Old Street¡j
* ¡iAdventure of Xiaohsi¡j
* ¡iAdventure of Xiaohsi-Doctors...
* ¡iAdventure of Xiaohsi- Old Si...

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