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  Changhua City

Profile of Changhua City

Area : 65.69 square kilometer

Population : 232,325 (calculated as of Jul. 2019)

Administrative area : 73  Lis 1,371 Neighborhoods

Annual rain volume : about 1,773 milimeter

Average temperature : 23.3 degrees Celsius


Located in central Taiwan, The main topography of Changhua City is plains, with Baguashan Tableland across the city. Changhua City is dividid into 73 Lis.

Changhua enjoys a mild climate with adequate rain that is suitable for habitation, making the city an excellent agricultural base with rich and fertile soil. Agriculture was the main economic development in early days, and the city was gradually developed into a modern city with thriving commercial and industrial business. Therefore, Changhua City is a wonderful mix of classic and modern.



Changhua City is a transportation hub to both north-south bound and east-west bound traffic. The railway network, combined with highway networks make transportation network extend in all directions happen.

So far as the railway is concerned, Changhua City is situated at where TRA’s mountain line and coast line meets. It’s also situated at the middle of THSR route. It only takes 10 minutes to go to THSR Taichung Station. Freeway No1 and No. 3, as well as Taiwan Provincial Highway No.1, No. 1C, No. 14, No.14C, No. 19, No. 74 and No. 74A all cross Changhua City, making transportation quite convenient.



Abundant farm products are produced on Changhua City’s rich land all the year round. With the development of urban city, agriculture in Changhua City is being transformed into a refined one by assisting farmers to establish “farm produce marketing classes”. In recent years, honeybee, Bagua Mountain coffee and lychee help turn a new page by gradually becoming internationally well-known.


Award-Winning Champion Honey

Honeybee produced in Changhua City, with its excellent and pure quality (average annual output 23,000 kg), won several top awards in the “longan honey” item, can be called “champion honey”. What’s more, honeybee keepers also produce honey vinegar, honey dew, pollen, royal jelly, pupae wine and propolis.


“Bagua Mountain Coffee” Most Suitable Coffee for Taiwanese

Coffee beans grown on Bagua Mountains have attracted the consumers’ attention. Grown on Bagua Mountain’s special soil and its qualities upgraded, coffee beans, with a light fruit acid, attractive aroma, sweet aftertaste and smoothness, were ever voted as the No. I coffee, which is “most suitable for Taiwanese taste”.


Xianshan Pomelo with Delicious and Juicy Flesh

Bagua Mountain at the outskirt of Changhua City abounds with fruit. Of these fruit, the plantation area of pomelo is around 15 hectares. Of them, Xianshan pomelo is the most famous. Being organically-grown, juicy and sweet, it is one of the most excellent fruits in Central Taiwan.


Sweet Lychee & Dried Lychee Used by Wu Pao-chun

The plantation area of lychee is more than 20 hectares, mostly black-leaf lychee. With its sweet juicy flesh, it makes consumers mouth-watering.

Taiwanese baker Wu Pao-chun managed to win the champion in 2010 Bakery Masters competition in France with his “millet-wine, rose petal and dried lychee bread”. The important ingredient dried lychee comes from Changhua City. With its excellent quality, it turns out one of the best gifts for relatives or friends.


Local Snacks

Unique, delicious and cheap snacks can always be found in Changhua City. Different kinds of delicacies and cuisine are more than the eyes can see. Many local snacks shops dot the street. “Cat and Mouse Noodles”, “Stewed Pork on Rice” and “Taiwanese Meatballs” are called “three treasures of Changhua City”. What’s more, pure papaya milk, clam noodles, rice pudding, longan egg cakes, salt cakes and deep-fried glutinous rice balls are the favorite of the gourmets.



There are many different kinds of noodles in Changhua City. Besides “cat and mouse noodles”, one of the “three treasures”, there are clam noodles, meat on the bone with noodles, beef noodle soup and plain noodles. These noodles which can be, added with chicken rolls, shrimp balls, meatballs and other appetizers, have become daily snacks for local residents.


Taiwanese Meatballs

Taiwanese meatballs in Changhua City are very famous and can represent Changhua City’s cuisine. Changhua City’s Taiwanese meatballs are well-known for their big size, and top-quality ingredients. There are more than ten Taiwanese meatball restaurants in Changhua City. Each one has a somewhat different producing process, but different flavors will only leave picky consumers begging for more.


Stewed Pork on Rice

Stewed pork on rice used to serve as breakfast for many Changhua locals. With the time passing, it ended up the most famous local specialties, whose traditional but popular flavor attracts many gourmets to come and enjoy it. There are currently dozens of stewed pork on rice restaurants in Changhua City. Even though the producing process may be somewhat different, the stewed pork tastes tender and juicy, fatty but not greasy, the good flavor of the old time.



Changhua City’s long history makes it a stronghold for traditional pastry. Many pastry shops have been running for decades. Of them, salty mochi and salt egg cakes are all local specialties. Salty mochi is handmade and made with such ingredients as lean meat, bamboo shoot and carrot and tastes nice. Salty egg cakes taste tender and crispy and smells light fragrance of eggs and meat

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