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Get toKnow Changhua City

Changhua City occupies an area of 65.69 square kilometers, with a population of more than 234.000 people in 73 villages. Located within Changhua County, the City is the second largest city in central Taiwan. It was upgraded as a Provincial Municipality in 1945 and the City Office was established in November 30th, 1951.
Changhua City is located in the central part of the island. It is bordered on the northeast by Dadu River to Dadu district and Wurih district of Taichung City. It borders on Huatan Township and Sioushuei Township on the south, Fangyuan Township on the east and Hemei Township and Fusing Township on the west. The City embraces great people, abundant cultural resources and delicious cuisine. We hope to make the City one with the best welfare system. We welcome everyone to visit Changhua “to see Bagua Mountain, to worship Goddess Matsu in Nan Yao Palace and to taste the unique Changhua Meat Ball”. Meanwhile, come to experience the ambience of historic sites, the beautiful landscape and great cuisine
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