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Changhua was founded in 1723, in the first year of the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, Qing Dynasty, which came from a shortened form of the phrase "demonstrating the benevolence of the Emperor" ("zhang xian huang hua" in Chinese)

During the Japanese colonization, Changhua City was under the administration of Taichu Ken, then Taichu Cho and then Shoka Cho. In 1933 (the eighth year of the Showa period) the Shoka Town was merged with Nankaku Village and Otake Village to be upgraded as Shoka City, under the administration of Taichu Prefecture. After World War Two, Changhua City was established as a provincial city and was downgraded as a countycontrolled city in 1951. It has been the seat of Changhua County since then.


Profile of Changhua City

Annual mean rain volume: about 1,733 millimeter

Annual mean temperature: 23.7 degrees Celsius

Area: 65.69 square kilometer

Population: 225,105 (calculated as of May 2024)

Strategic Location

Well-developed transportation network offers the City easy access to the world.

Air: 30 minutes of driving to RMQ International Airport

Railway: TRA mountain & coast lines; 10 minutes of driving to THSR Taichung station

Freeway: Sun Yat-Sen National Highway & Formosa National Highway.


Leading Industry



Dominate the global market

● Hardware

● Mechanical accessories

● Machining equipment & components


● Award-Winning champion honey.

● Dried lychee fruit

● Dairying

Image: Dried lychee fruit

Dried lychee fruit

Image: Dairying


Image: Award-Winning champion honey

Award-Winning champion honey